A Primer On Obamacare White Paper – GENEDGE ALLIANCE September 2013

The purpose of this analysis is to highlight some of the controversies around the “Obamacare” law so a reader may gain further insights into the implications for their individual organization


Outline Of The Obamacare Law – October 2013

This document provides a high-level outline of the topics each section addresses. Follow-on documents will present each section as an easy-to-read summary of the major provisions within each section.


Cybersecurity Research Report in collaboration with the City of Suffolk, Virginia Department of Economic Development – March 2013


Booz Innovation White Paper – GENEDGE ALLIANCE December 2012

Annual study of R&D spending reveals that successful innovators bring clarity to a process often described as fuzzy and vague.


U.S. Supply Chain Competitiveness Report: How Agility, Planning, Collaborative Product Development and Supplier Alignment / Sourcing Execution are the Keys to Profitable Growth


E3 — Energy, Environment, Economy program available through GENEDGE ALLIANCE and affiliate partner, Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC)