A diverse, engaged, intrinsically motivated, trained workforce is a key to successfully developing, implementing and achieving the strategies, tactics and goals across the enterprise for all the elements; Innovation and Growth, Continuous Process Improvement, Sustainability, Energy and Environmental, Value and Supply Chain Development and Technology Acceleration. GENEDGE Workforce Development offerings can be tailored to develop your company’s key asset in your race to secure and sustain a competitive advantage, your workforce.


Training Within Industry (TWI)

TWI – consists of advanced, proven methods to quickly develop a trained, effective and efficient workforce from resources with little to no background in the technical skills prerequisite to accomplish the work. TWI utilizes straight forward, hands on, learn by doing methods that are easy to implement and quickly produces effective, positive results. Students bring a real “job” to develop during the training and present that “job” to the group for constructive feedback. Through TWI training and implementation services, GENEDGE consultants will provide your company a means to teach essential, job specific work skills to your employees. The outcomes of TWI include, significantly improved job performance, enhanced employee relations and a basis for a genuine continuous process improvement culture.


Job Relations (JR)

Job Instruction (JI)

Job Methods (JM)