Job Relations (JR)

What (How is it Delivered) – This interactive event runs for two hours per day for five days. The basic Job Relations (JR) concepts are presented on the first day. For each of the following days, the GENEDGE instructor leads and guides the “learn by doing” sessions as participants present their real life examples, two to three per day, to the group for practice using the concepts and for review and constructive critique.


Basic use – This crucial event is designed to train leaders and supervisors on how to effectively manage and lead as everyday issues and problems come up with their subordinates. Focus is directed on how to effectively manage problems that are frequently associated with resistance to change in the workplace. This event provides support for Job Instruction (JI) and Job Methods (JM) Events.


Who (Should Attend) – Supervisors and leaders or anyone who directs people as part of their job needs to attend this event.