Case Studies

Coalfield Services, Inc.

  • $302K one-time savings from not having to expand facility
  • $6,K annual cost avoidance – insurance and taxes
  • $4,800 annual energy savings 
  • Ongoing savings from lighting upgrades and air system improvements
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GStek, Inc.

  • Estimated $2.8M sales increase from entering new markets
  • Invested around $800K in plant and workforce skills
  • Anticipate the addition of 20 new jobs
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MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc.

  • Effective control plans for air, water, and land environmental programs
  • Opportunity to reduce solid waste to landfill
  • Participated in special programs for energy savings
  • New focus on water use reduction
  • Achieved platinum award status
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  • Utilizing precision measurement techniques, sample nozzle spray heads measured, remeasured, analyzed
  • Achieving measurement excellence, staging methods and part orientation instituted
  • Generated design drawings ensuring quality and function of total new assembly
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and sales of sprayers and sales of individual parts
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  • Standardized training program for new hires
  • Shared process knowledge across staff for quality product production
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Eska Graphic Board

  • Increased new sales from increased capacity
  • Reduced setup times from ~40 minutes to 11 minutes
  • Created a new cross-training program
  • 100% on-time delivery
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