Eska Graphic Board

Eska Graphic Board

Finding A Better Way


Eska Graphic Board maintains a position worldwide in the graphic board market as both a producer and a supplier. Their graphic boards can be found in hardcover books, files, ring binders, diaries, albums, games, puzzles, displays, show cards, and luxury packaging. With customers all over the world, Eska Graphic Board has sales and service centers in the major European markets, the U.S. and Asia. The conversion, sales, and service facility for the U.S., and Canada is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. This facility of approximately 50 employees also provides cut product in a variety of sizes and gauges to specific customers.

The Challenge

Eska Graphic Board has several types of cutting machines located in its Chesapeake facility. One specific type (Kolbus) was experiencing excessive setup times in an environment where up to 100 setups per week were necessary due to product mix and customer demand. The focus of this project was to reduce this setup time to an acceptable level thereby creating additional capacity and realize associated cost savings. An additional focus on product quality was also a consideration of this effort.

MEP’s Role

NIST MEP affiliate, GENEDGE, contacted its service delivery partner ODUBG/TAC (ODU Business Gateway) to assist with the project. ODU proposed a two-part approach for the project. First, a cross-functional team was selected and trained in lean principals, value stream mapping, and TPM/set-up reduction. Next, the team mapped the current and desired future states of the set-up processes for the two Kolbus work centers. Subsequently, they created a list of things-to-do and held regular follow-up meetings focused on execution of this list.