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Are you challeged to remain strong and competitive in the face of globalization?
Are you exploring robotics or automation to gain efficiency but struggling apply it?
Are you keeping up with the pace of innovation and developing new jobs for those displaced by changes in the manufacturing enterprise?

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Eska Graphic Board
"ODUBG/TAC did a great job working with Eska Graphic Board to initiate standard operating procedures on our cutting machines. Their experience and facilitating skills helped create an environment where all assumptions were challenged with a problem-solving mindset. They were very knowledgeable and willing to invest the time to understand our process and people. They acted as if they owned the problem/process and were committed to Eska Graphic Board and the team members to help equip, teach, facilitate, and find a better way."
Jonathan Edwards, Managing Director
  • Increased new sales from increased capacity
  • Reduced setup times from ~40 minutes to 11 minutes
  • Created a new cross-training program
  • 100% on-time delivery


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