Supply Chain Optimization

GENEDGE products and services take the industrial Value Chain Management to a new, strategic level by focusing on achieving operational excellence across the entire value chain to enable optimal, long term, profitable growth. Your company can utilize our leading edge, research based products and services to leverage improvement opportunities within your value chain’s core value streams. The results will be second to none – achieving value chain operational excellence and sustain your company’s competitiveness in tomorrow’s global market.

Value Chain Strategy

Creating your company’s value chain strategy is a crucial, essential step that lays the foundation required to achieve value chain optimization. In high energy, team based sessions, GENEDGE expert consultants will lead your company’s team through the essential steps from developing a framework, to creating the final strategy and execution plan. Your company will have a strong basis for implementation that will assure achievement of not merely short term but also, long term value chain optimization, operational excellence and competitiveness. Your company will have a sustainable advantage over your competitors today and in the future.

  • Value Chain Strategy Workshop (Prime)

Value Chain: Planning

During Value Chain Planning, GENEDGE consultants will use their expertise to drive achievement of operational excellence for your company by helping your company identify, focus on and solve chronic planning issues. GENEDGE consultants can help you optimize MRP and ERP system execution, identify and eliminate Value Chain constraints, determine supply chain failure factors, develop mitigation plans and reduce global risks to acceptable levels. Through GENEDGE consultants’ guidance and collaborative efforts up and down the value chain, your company will build enduring operational excellence.

  • Making ERP / MRP Systems Work for Your Business
  • Risk Management Analysis Support Services

Supply Chain: Supplier Alignment and Sourcing

In this stage, it is imperative to establish Supply Chain, understanding of your strategy and goals, “buy-in” and collaboration. GENEDGE consultants will lead high energy sessions to establish Value Chain Strategy and Execution Plan alignment and collaboration between your team and key representatives from suppliers and customers. They will provide a decision making model that will lead to improved operating margins, reduced risk and lower working capital. Short term and long term your company, suppliers and customers will reap the rewards of working within a collaborative, win – win, Value Chain Strategy and Execution plan. All will share enhanced agility, profitability and competitiveness.

  • Collaborative Workshop for Supply Chain Partners
  • Total Cost of Ownership Decision Support Services

Value Chain: New Product Development

GENEDGE provides companies assistance across the value chain in new product development processes. Our assistance includes unique, research based services to find qualified supply chain partners that meet or exceed OEM needs for materials, products and / or services. GENEDGE Collaborative Product Development, guides companies through an Innovation Engineering based approach that produces collaborative ideas and quickly funnels them through an early stage, informed decision process. As a result, companies improve the pace and probability of new product development success and sharpen and sustain their competitive edge.

  • Technology Supplier Scouting Services
  • Value Chain Collaborative Product Development

MEP Supply Chain Optimization

MEP’s newest program consists of a strategic, consultative approach to convert supply chain strategy into tangible supply chain collaboration–equipping manufacturers with the tools needed to resolve gaps and increase overall competitiveness. The program, developed by the subject matter experts at MEP, America’s most trusted source for manufacturing challenges, is a comprehensive suite of deliverables including individual offerings in Total Cost of Ownership and Risk Management. Clients may also take advantage of a coaching and mentoring facilitation that provides additional guidance building collaborations among multiple tiers.

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