Technology Acceleration Services

Technology Acceleration is a proven path to ensure manufacturers and service industries are positioned for long-term growth; not merely just survival or decline. New product concepts will be created, evaluated, and selected within your company to leverage and adopt technology and drive out risk. GENEDGE is the connection your company needs to achieve sustainable profitable growth and to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Technology Intelligence

Technology Intelligence is custom application based research that expands new business opportunities by exploring alternate market applications, patents, and emerging technologies, along with targeted primary and secondary research. Primary research is more specific to the item being researched – contacting people in the industry, surveys and focus groups. Secondary research provides an understanding based on existing research. Depending upon the idea, product, or process, getting the technology right can uniquely differentiate and add value to the offering and customer.

  • Technology Driven Marketing Intelligence (TDMI)

Technology Concept Scouting

Companies striving for growth and competitiveness frequently struggle to meet emergent needs, get bogged down and lose momentum during searches to find technology opportunities, solutions and qualified suppliers. GENEDGE consultants will close emergent need gaps by serving as your company’s connection to match or exceed your specific, critical set of needs with the optimal technology opportunities, solutions and pre-qualified suppliers. Closing the emergent gaps and unfaltering momentum will open the door for your company to achieve sustained growth and a competitive leadership position in the global market.

  • Technology Supplier Scouting Services

Custom Technical and Production Support

GENEDGE Technology Acceleration and Production Support Services provide a systematic approach for manufacturers and service industries to identify and capitalize on opportunities to leverage technology toward the realization of their growth and competitiveness. Our product development and commercialization assistance services help industries develop new products, enhance existing products, expand and diversify markets, develop and improve production and engineering systems and processes. Through our affiliate partner, Old Dominion University Business Gateway, we provide access to a broad range of highly capable faculty expertise.

  • Custom Technical / Production / Product Development Services