Enterprise Development Growth Engine (EDGE) Program


For more information contact EDGE Program Manager: Dean Young (804) 801-6000 • dyoung@genedge.org


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Do you want to accelerate the growth of your business?
Many smaller companies need help to sustain and grow their businesses in today’s challenging economy, but don’t have sufficient in-house resources to focus on growth while running their day to day operations.


Enterprise Development Growth Engine (EDGE) is a new program designed for small manufacturing, engineering and technology companies in Virginia. The program will provide meaningful assistance to generate sustainable positive financial impact to your business.


If something is holding you back from growing your business, would you be interested in support to:
• Develop a strategy to effectively and efficiently boost your company in meeting future challenges and opportunities?
• Discover new sales opportunities through new business models, processes, partnerships, brands, channels, and / or customer experiences?
• Identify opportunities to develop or commercialize new or existing technologies?
• Develop a supply chain strategy to be more competitive and minimize risks in sourcing?
• Identify external solutions to unmet technology needs?
• Qualify to supply new customers through certification to regulatory standards such as ISO, FDA and UL?
• Improve operational efficiencies to increase profit?


How can GENEDGE help your business?
GENEDGE, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) affiliate for Virginia, has provided high quality, affordable consulting services across Virginia for over 20 years. We have successfully helped scores of companies like yours grow their top and bottom lines.


EDGE is a selective program focused on accelerating growth of small companies. GENEDGE has set aside grant funding to assist companies to develop and execute a strategic growth strategy. EDGE provides custom, individualized services that specifically address the strategic and unique business challenges faced by small manufacturing, engineering, and technology companies.


If selected, your company’s key business indicators will be reviewed including sales, cash flow, productivity, quality systems, information systems, personnel, business strategies and planning, as well as your insights on what is working versus what is not working. We will use a tool developed by MIT to help you identify the value of your business, the gaps in value, and the potential value when the gaps are addressed.


Based on this information, a GENEDGE Consultant will prepare and deliver a customized set of services to accelerate your business growth.


Who is eligible?
Virginia manufacturers and companies operating within qualifying manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors with about 15 to 49 employees, that are interested in growing their businesses. For a list of North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) eligible codes for the EDGE-VA program >> click here…


Workshops will be held in various regions statewide throughout 2017. Any Virginia company meeting the program criteria may attend a workshop and apply. Workshop attendance is not a requirement.


How does the program work and how do I get started?
• You must apply for the program. Workshop attendance is not a requirement for applying.
• The EDGE process, specific services and tools will be explained. A case study will be used for illustration.
• The CoreValue® Discover self-assessment will be completed during this workshop.


If you are interested in participating in EDGE, please express interest on the workshop evaluation form. Complete the ‘Readiness for Change’ assessment and submit an application electronically to GENEDGE.


If your company meets the EDGE criteria, a more in depth CoreValue® Assess will be completed. This tool is a business valuation model developed by MIT that has been adopted by a variety of consulting, accounting, private equity and legal firms to provide valuation services for their customers.
• Your GENEDGE Consultant will work with you to build your CoreValue® Assess Model.
• Gaps in CoreValue® output versus best-in-class will be prioritized.
• A unique, customized services plan will be prepared for your business to close significant value gaps and accelerate business growth.


What is the cost?
Introductory Workshops – $20 per person
EDGE Consulting Services – Customized services will be developed to assist each selected company to strategically grow its business using a cost share model. Participating companies pay 25% of the cost of the services with grant funds bearing the remaining costs.


For every $1 invested in GENEDGE assistance and service, $25 is returned to the client’s bottom line based on cumulative bottom line survey results for calendar years 2003 to 2015. (>>See graph to right)


How do you get started?
Click on one of the introductory workshops in your region to register:

Future dates will be posted soon. Please check back!


For more information contact EDGE Program Manager: Dean Young (804) 801-6000 • dyoung@genedge.org


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